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Despite X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman revealing that Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough are a "cute couple", her other friends are now denying that they are dating. It's all just a cover up to keep photographers at bay."Joe Mc Elderry is in regular contact with Cheryl, but even he is unconvinced that Derek is her boyfriend. We're still very much in the "YES THEY ARE DATING" camp.

The singer’s pal, boxer Amir Khan said: "I had dinner with Cheryl and Derek in Los Angeles last week.

Congratulations are in order for Ashley Cole, who is reportedly expecting his first child with girlfriend Sharon Canu.

The former England player, who is currently playing for AS Roma, is said to be over-the-moon about becoming a father.

"He couldn't wait to find out the baby's sex and he's chuffed that it's a boy.

Sharon's sweet and from a normal Italian family.

We have reached out to Liam‘s reps to find out if the couple actually tied the knot.

Meanwhile Cheryl’s mum Joan has reportedly moved in with her and Liam, 23, to help look after her grandson.

A source told The Sun: ‘It’s not going to be forever, but Joan has a room in the house and will be staying for however long she’s needed.’ The couple, who are believed to have started dating in 2015, are yet to name their son.

The big hair, that once grew ever bigger like a protective cushion from the press, is long gone, now cropped into a gamine bob.

At 32, so have the cherubic cheeks that for a time puckered not with her former guileless smile but with stoical endurance. Posing for our photographs she looks somewhere between a miniature Sophia Loren and French actress Nathalie Delon. I picture her, carefree, in the South of France where her husband’s family are based, sailing in Capri pants, a glass of Château Lafite in hand, where once there was a Newcastle Brown Ale. People have this weird idea that I’m always in France. I live here,’ she interjects, her Geordie voice swiftly undercutting my reverie. He’s like, “Why would they write that you went mad over a name?

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