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this," he intoned, unable to bring himself to utter the words "Sex and the City." "What happened?" Indeed, across America, countless guys felt that the Manly Month of May, when the biggest explosion-laden blockbusters are unveiled at the multiplex, was being tainted by the long lines of ladies attending the film version of the 1998-2004 HBO sitcom.Was I in a relationship with the Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff — and under what circumstances? I was, in the initial report, a hapless naïf, prey to a ruthless older man. More puzzled than rattled by his aggressiveness and seeming rancour, I googled his site and, as I sat there, saw my name appear and myself go from a girl with no reputation in the city to a girl who, as my mother in Atlanta would soon point out, had lost her reputation.She decided to come out publicly in part because she understands her status as a role model for young people and wants to be part of changing the world for young LGBT people in sports. She has been out with teammates, friends and family for a while.Making the decision to be public about being gay feels like the right next step and why not?The 'Carrie necklace', that reappeared frequently throughout the six seasons, came from the costume designer's East Village shop, a popular haunt for students and twenty-somethings, but not, she felt, where label-loving Carrie might normally shop.'I had one made up, with her name, and [Sarah Jessica] liked it, after all, it was a piece of New York, a real piece of New York, and it wasn't just Manhattan it was from outside Manhattan from the other parts of New York where the people live.Commentary on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in sport from a long-time educator and advocate for social justice in sports.

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Still, it's certainly no worse than the "Matrix" sequels and "Star Wars" prequels that males turned out to see by the tens of millions.I was a ‘femme fatale’; I was sleeping my way to the top (Michael is one of the founders of, a web aggregator, which paid me an hour to do some writing); I was, well …a girl who had sex.The Magnolia bakery in New York’s West Village kicked off a cupcake craze when Carrie and Miranda visited it in an episode of Sex and the City.I’ve watched the clip of Sarah Jessica Parker pushing a rose-coloured cupcake into her face in slow motion, and it’s a faintly disgusting spectacle.But the truth is that there’s no elegant way to eat a cupcake, which is why customers adopt self-mocking smiles as the fluorescent globules of frosting tumble down their chins.

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