Current recordset does not support updating this may

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The small problem is that it returns an error that says: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e10' [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. /newbudgetamountprocess.asp, line 32 I would be in your debt if you could help me with the error as I have been at this all day. Hi, Why are u "Late Binding" the Object by creating...? EDIT: str Archive Path is previously set directly in code, and does end with a "\".Ms-access Database and excel VBA in the same PC its working perfectly. Open "SELECT * FROM T_Booking;", cn, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic With rs . If I access the excel VBA file and link the database from network PC, its not working.. but there are times when people decide to argue with us, and unfortunately the role of a moderator is basically a rule enforcer and peace keeper. It would have been better if you had worked it out yourself, but obviously it depends on whether you have read the forum descriptions or not - as they don't appear in the list of forums for searching etc, it is understandable to miss them. I'm hoping that the fact you have not posted anything about the issue since the initial post means you have solved it... We definitely prefer not to do that, we would much rather be answering questions instead... not everyone is the mvp As I said in the second half of the sentence you quoted, your mistake was understandable - and I would far rather you hadn't decided to turn it into an argument, but that was entirely your choice.Connection strmess = "SELECT * from tblinvoicelines WHERE invoice=" & new Invo Set red1 = cnp. Connection strmess = "SELECT * from tblinvoicelines WHERE invoice=" & new Invo Set red1 = cnp.

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Whether you like it or not, moving your thread to the correct place (and explaining why) is helping you to use the forums better, to increase your chances of getting help. if not then feel free to ask questions, as that is what I come here for (and what the vast majority of my posts are about).occuring error like "current recordset does not support updating. this may be a limitation of the provider" Dim cn As New ADODB. Recordset Dim db As Variant Dim str SQL As String Dim w Sheet Name As Variant db = "\SIMPLAN-SWATHI\Users\mgt\dbdata.accdb" //Network DB path cn. Clearly the FAQs don't always contain the answers, but if they do then they are generally better than a reply to a thread - because those of us who write FAQ articles typically spend about 50 times as long writing them (including checking documentation, testing code, searching previous threads for alternate solutions/caveats, etc). take it easy on the people asking questions geek man. Those are the places you should be looking - especially the FAQs, as they are a fairly short and simple list of bullet points (with shortcuts to each section, so you can quickly drill-down to the part that is likely to answer your question). your 28,365 posts Jul 02 are probably mostly this kind of arguing due to you being the biggest know it all of this subject...

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