Dating newcomb college pottery

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He was replaced by Jonathan Hunt in 1927 and later Kenneth Smith in 1929.After Hunt left the Pottery in 1933, he was replaced by Francis Ford.Drawing inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement, students were trained in all aspects of the potter's art. A distinctly original art ware is now in course of development at Newcomb College, New Orleans, as a new departure in practical education. The unique registration system was fully deciphered by Walter Bob after over 2 years of extensive research.

He was followed by one of Newcomb Pottery's most recognized potters, Joseph Meyer, in 1896.

The Pottery was a contemporary of Rookwood Pottery, the Saturday Evening Girls, North Dakota pottery, Teco and Grueby.

Among the first persons to be hired by the Woodwards to assist with the new pottery program were the potters.

Paul Cox was brought to Newcomb Pottery in 1910 to improve the quality of the clay and glazes.

Cox developed the soft, waxy semi-matte glazes that Newcomb Pottery became famous for during its transitional period of production. From the 1920s until the late 30s Newcomb Pottery continued to produce quality art pottery.

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