Updating perl modules dating partnership

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I’ve written it in Perl but it could have been just as easily written in Bash.

But Perl is much cooler than Bash, and being cool is all that matters!

By using Active Perl there is no more guessing if your Perl distribution has incorporated the latest Open SSL patch or if an unvetted package has been downloaded from an unverified repository.

It will help us to Install perl modules and all dependent modules, Uninstall perl modules, List all perl modules in system, Search for a perl module in and system, List all files of a perl module and Details of a perl module.

The advantage of this procedure is that when the CPAN module is picked by the Debian Perl Group for maintenance, an updated Debian will be installable through apt-get.

The simplest way to get Perl modules installed is to use the CPAN module itself.

CPAN should take it from there and you'll wind up with the module installed into your Perl library.

Of course, most people don’t want to wait on a group of other people to update a piece of software.

I wrote this script to make my life a little bit easier, but it contains no rocket science.

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