Updating ssl certificate problems

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In the examples below I will use the subdomain names: example.brainpulse.nl, example2.and example3.Note: I’ll be using a Synology DS412 running DSM 6.0-7274 For more information about Let’s Encrypt see https://Security and click on the tab Certificate Click on “Add” to begin creating a SSL Certificate Select the option “Add a new certificate” en click on “Next” We are going to use the FREE SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt, did I already said they are free?

Select the option “Get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt” en click on “Next” Now you can insert the correct domain names you are going to use to connect to your DSM.

When you get the this error make sure you didn’t made any typo’s, you created the correct DNS records, and your NAS is accessible via port 80.

When everything is okay your Synology NAS will restart the web server automatically.

The concepts of certificates and PKI revolves around the trust of Certificate Authorities (CAs), and by default, c URL is setup to not trust any CAs, thus it won’t trust any web server’s certificate.

So why don’t you have problems visiting HTTPs sites through your web browser?

The system administrator might need to contact the certificate authority who sold the faulty certificate and inform them that the certificate is in violation of RFC 3280.

Because of the “secure by default” requirements, when an Exchange 2013 server is installed it is configured with self-signed SSL certificates that are enabled for those protocols.As it happens, the browser developers were nice enough to include a list of default CAs to trust, covering most situations, so as long as the website operator purchased a certificate from one of these CAs. Firstly, we can simply configure c URL to accept any server(peer) certificate.This isn’t optimal from a security point of view, but if you’re not passing sensitive information back and forth, this is probably alright.If this does not resolve the issue then proceed to the next section.For information on Receiver feature updates refer to - Citrix Receiver Feature Matrix.

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